Autism & transition to adult services

The voice of autistic children, adolescents and their families is needed now more than ever.

It is the stories and opinions that help change provisions and services. It is the ‘case examples’ that help systems think about what we do and how we can do it differently.

As I see it, collectively the ‘Experts by Experience’ are powerful when you have your say in right forums.

So here’s the point:

NCEPOD is focusing on ‘Transition to Adulthood’ and they need keen candidates to take part.

I am proud to represent my professional body (RCSLT) on the working group.

If you join, your involvement will help shape the study. The study is likely to influence future provision (fingers crossed).

A bit of context if you are interested…

The 2009 Autism Act identifies that there needs to be guidance for services and provision as children move to adult services (section 2.5.d).

The SEND Code of Practice identifies that planning for adulthood should start in year 9 of secondary education.

Yet we know that many autistic adolescents ‘drop off the radar’ in teenage years. Some describe this phase as the ‘shadow years’. It is a time of missed opportunities and the consequences can be severe for some!

If you are interested and want to take part, contact NCEPOD directly on:

(NCEPOD stands for: National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death).

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